FERTILE GROUND’s design studio is a firm specializing in labyrinth design and construction.  In addition to labyrinth design and construction services,  Stephen Shibley provides conceptual site master planning services.  Shibley’s landscape master planning services provide communities with graphics packages necessary to inspire a public engagement process which builds consensus and solidifies a vision for open space development and or revitalization.  Visit FERTILE GROUND’s services page for more of Shibley’s landscape master planning content and project history. 

Shibley is pleased that your Path has brought you here!  Labyrinths have a way of finding people at the right time and place. Whether you are an individual or represent a Public or Private Institution/Company, the need for ways in which people can reconnect with their creative core is universal. Our way of life often spins at a pace that leaves us off balance. To live from our most authentic core self, we need to cultivate practices that ground us.

Shibley’s labyrinth design and construction services create places for people from all walks of life to revisit their “Center” time and time again.  In our home environments and institutions labyrinths:

  • Encourage personal and corporate problem solving to enable creativity and success;
  • Support people in their quest to reduce stress, promote health, and balance day to day demands;
  • Provide sacred space to support healing, reflection, and meditation;
  • Create communal gathering spaces for civic celebration and bonding, foster reconciliation and strengthen a community’s core.

May our collective Vision be playful enough to be non-threatening and contagious, the paths we create be wide enough to carry us all, and may the footprints we leave invite exploration, celebration, and harmony.  

labyrinth design and construction