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 Earth Mother Labyrinth

Copyrighted in 2007, I designed and chose the Earth Mother Labyrinth to visually embody the philosophy of FERTILE GROUND. I believe that this unique “Earth Mother” design illuminates and celebrates the great creative forces at work in this world. FERTILE GROUND’S design and installation of labyrinths in the landscape becomes an interactive work of art which creates and recreates, over and over, a personal journey of self discovery and expression.

journey within

As we walk the unicursal path of the labyrinth we become the creative blood pulsating throughout our Great Mother’s veins, traversing all the extremities of her powerful, yet gently cradling, curvaceous body. Our life forces join as we are drawn into the comfort of the central womb. Because we are all artists at birth this center “room” invites us to pause, replenish, and reawaken our inner creative force. This journey can nourish and inspire the creator in all of us.

While we may dance, sing, morn, weep, breathe, glimpse, or just be still within the womb’s sacred embrace at the center of the “Earth Mother” labyrinth, we are fed. We gain strength and courage to let go, to walk our own uniquely creative path.  To emerge.  A rebirth of new possibility.

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