what is a labyrinth

what is a labyrinthWhat is a labyrinth is a great question.  The labyrinth is a pattern, usually in the form of a circle. A unicursal path meanders within the circle always taking you to the center. Labyrinths have been around for over 4,000 years. Labyrinths are found on the island of Crete, in China, Egypt, Africa, Gothic Cathedrals all across Europe, Amerindian cultures, and in the American Southwest. There are currently over 5000 labyrinths in over 80 countries listed on the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator in buildings or on the grounds of churches, schools, hospitals, parks, businesses, retreat centers, civic centers, corrections and rehab facilities, and private property owners.

what does the labyrinth symbolize

The labyrinth means many things to many people. The labyrinth can symbolize the journey to the center or to one’s creative core, the life journey, the path of life, or the spiritual journey — our walk with the “Creator.” Some people use the labyrinth to mark the seasons of the year and/or represent the ongoing cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth, others use it as a stress release and/to transform or heal themselves.

why use a labyrinth

All of us occasionally reach a boiling over point, or at least a sense that life is spiraling out of control. We look for ways to “empty” ourselves in order to gain perspective and rejuvenate our mind, body, and spirit. It is important to provide healthy ways to work through one’s issues — not around them. The labyrinth facilitates movement. The labyrinth creates room for this necessary work of “emptying.” Walking helps clear the mind. By providing a set path for the feet to follow, the mind is freed to face whatever one needs to face. The labyrinth is not doctrinal or dogmatic. The only dogma you will meet in the labyrinth is your own.

how might an organization benefit from a labyrinth

The labyrinth will provide universal and inclusive opportunities for community building and exploration, education, self-discovery, problem solving, healing, creative and spiritual renewal, and centering. Regular use of a labyrinth can aid in one’s stress release, help facilitate movement, increase productivity, empower, calm, illuminate and refocus one’s intentions.


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